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Endoscopes & Couplers


As Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS) became the preferred technique for sinus surgery, Precision Optics offered a new sinuscope, designed to guarantee maximum durability and flexibility. Our LensLock™ design with replaceable optic sub-assembly will ensure superior image clarity and quality whenever it is needed.

Patent pending LensLock™ design and assembly: lenses actively stabilized in place for improved durability and a removable optical sub-assembly for ease of endoscope repair. At Precision Optics, we believe the best repair is achieved with entirely new optics. We install brand new optical sub-assemblies for the same price as other companies' "repairs."

Validated sterilization methods: Ethylene Oxide Gas (ETO), 2.4% Gluteraldehyde, Sterrad 100S and autoclave (4.0mm only.)

  • Large and bright field of view
  • Multi-adapter light posts