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Endoscopes & Couplers


Since Precision Optics has 30 years experience in creating high quality medical visualization components and products, our customers can be confident our laparoscopes will provide the large and bright field of view that is needed. The multi-adapter light post is compatible with all major light cable manufacturers. With autoclavability comes the flexibility of choosing any convenient sterilization method.

  • Large, bright field of view
  • Multi-adapter light posts to accommodate ACMI, Wolf, Storz, and Olympus fiber optic cables.
  • Sapphire windows to provide enhanced scratch resistance.

Available in 315mm Laparoscope and 415mm Bariatric Length

Approved sterilization methods: Ethylene Oxide Gas (ETO), 2.4% Gluteraldehyde, Sterrad 100S and autoclave.


0 degree and 30 degree laparoscopes