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Endoscopes & Couplers

Imaging Couplers

As endoscopic visualization moves to higher resolution and "high definition" imaging systems, it is critical that the coupler connected to the endoscope provides the quality and flexibility to ensure great images with a range of systems. As one of the first companies to make imaging couplers for surgical use, we have the expertise and know-how that comes with 20 plus years of manufacturing experience.

  • Validated sterilization methods: Ethylene Oxide Gas (ETO), 2.4 % Gluteraldehyde. Zoom Coupler and 950 Video coupler also validated for Sterrad 100S sterilization.
  • Compatible with 1/4", 1/3", 1/2" CCD cameras - 20mm to 35mm focal length
  • C mount camera interface
  • Patented clip quick release with locking thumb screw

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