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Endoscopes & Couplers


A consistently clear image is critical to the outcome of arthroscopic surgery. Visualization inside a knee or shoulder joint can be difficult due to debris, bleeding and fluid flow that block the image field. In addition, the demanding work environment of arthroscopy can result in frequent and expensive repairs of endoscopic equipment.

With the implementation of LensLock™ technology into our arthroscopes, a high quality scope will always be there when you need it.

Patent pending LensLock™ design and assembly: lenses actively stabilized in place for improved durability and a removable optical sub-assembly for ease of endoscope repair. At Precision Optics, we believe the best repair is achieved with entirely new optics. We install brand new optical sub-assemblies for the same price as other companies' "repairs."

Validated sterilization methods: Ethylene Oxide Gas (ETO), 2.4% Gluteraldehyde, Sterrad 100S and autoclave.

  • Large and bright field of view
  • Multi-adapter light posts