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Custom Optics Solutions

Fiber Optic Assemblies

Precision Optics maintains a complete FDA qualified optical fabrication facility. Building on our optics capabilities, we specialize in complex, multi-part, and optical illumination assemblies which include micro-optics and optical fibers. We use computer controlled machining to make critically dimensioned components and housings that are necessary for precision optical assemblies. Our capabilities include grinding, polishing, edging, dicing, and assembly. Precision Optics can support fabrication needs ranging from a single prototype to volume manufacturing.

Advances in photo dynamic therapy techniques have broadened the effective use of light in a number of diagnostic and therapeutic regimens. At Precision Optics, we design and produce illumination systems in a wide variety of formats and applications. We are experienced with 6k, 10k, and 30k image bundles as well as glass and plastic illumination fiber.

Combined with our micro optics capabilities, we are able to design, assemble, and manufacture Fiberscopes with or without illumination to sizes as small as 0.3mm O.D. Our fiber scopes and fiber optic assemblies can be used as a stand alone visualization system or can be integrated into a wide variety of devices and designs.